2011 - Jackson Hole - Bali

Jackson Hole, WY - Jan. 2011

 Winter in the Tetons
What a view of the mountains
 Barb - Flying
Barb and Jim playing in the powder
Many elk watching us as we watch them
The buffalo walked right beside us as we snowmobiled
Moose on the hunt for lunch
This was the 1st time the snowmobile and Barb were airborn. Jims following but his jump got blocked by Barb.

Bali, Indonesia - Oct. 2011 

Bali dancers 
Life in the Monkey Sanctuary in Ubud
Fishing in Amed
Fish being sorted, counted and recorded for market
Rice fields in the mountains
 Time to relax in Amid

Offerings to the Spirits in Ubud

Take a sailboat ride with us on the Bali Sea in a local fishing boat!

Try snorkeling with us in the Bali Sea.
Keep in mind this was our 1st attempt to use a underwater camera. Snorkeling with the camera that has just a 4 inch screen and fish moving faster then we could swim was a learning experiance plus.