2010 - India - Maine - Paris - Croatia

India - April 2010

Stone Temple

Ripe Watermelon

Candy Pop

Children who Live on the Streets

Please buy Q-tips from me or give that man your spare change!

Money or Food for Baby

Women and Children living in the streets

Take an auto rickshaw ride in Chennai, India

Maine - May 2010
Lobster traps and lobsters
Dinner time, lobster again...YES!
 Tulips and Fishing Boats
Time for surfing at Ogunquit Beach

Croatia - Oct. 2010
Walking the wall in Dubrovnik

Part of the old city in Trogir


Ready for a tram ride in Zagreb

How would you like to hear and see this under and around your house

Paris, France - Oct. 2010

The Louvre
Notre Dame Cathedral
What a  great old organ in the Notre Dame Cathedral
Having fun with bubbles in the Latin Quarter

Eiffel Towers nightly hourly light show